Protect your hair!!!

  Yarden Ben

Hair Connoisseur by day, professional mom by night.

Every one is always trying to "fix" their hair, and we want to help you understand that you don't have to damage it to begin with.

We're here today to give you the lowdown on why it is SO important to use a good Heat Protectant Hair Spray prior to heat styling.

Let's break it down simply for you.

Our hair is made up of 2 layers:

  • An inner cortex, filled with water molecules and keratin
  • An outer cuticle, which in healthy hair is smooth and shiny

When we style our hair with hot tools, such as: Flat Irons, Curling Wands/Irons, Blow Dryers, the heat essentially causes the water in the inner cortex of the hair strand, to pull to the surface and evaporate.

This is what gives us the ability to change the structure of our hair, from straight to curly, or curly to straight. However, this is also what causes our hair to get dry, brittle and damaged.

When this happens, and we dry out the strand from the inside, we also also risk damaging the outer cuticle by causing it to crack and this is how split ends and frizz occur. 

Now, when you use a heat protectant prior to styling, you create a barrier between your hair and the heat. You also give the hot tool another liquid substance to work with, rather than your hair's own natural oils and water molecules. 

You are essentially:

1. Giving the hot tool a new fluid other than your hair's own moisture to work with.

2. Giving your hair an added layer of moisture to protect it against the heat.

3. Adding nutrients that are usually found in these products such as: Keratin, omegas, natural oils and extracts and some are even a leave-in treatment, to help nourish your hair and keep it healthy.

A good Heat Protectant can save you $$$ in the long run and will definitely save your hair from damage and breakage and the aggravation that comes with damaged hair.

When you use a Heat Protectant you are preserving the natural moisture in your hair and thus, maintaining healthy, shiny, silky hair, contrary to dry, cracked, brittle, hair.

This is even more important if you color or bleach your hair! Due to your hair already being under so much stress from the chemicals in the dyes and bleach that dry out your hair even more.

To start protecting your hair ASAP, and leaving the dull damaged hair behind, try one of our incredible heat protectants:

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