Titan 1" Titanium Digital Flat Iron

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  • ELIMINATES FRIZZ WITH LESS DAMAGE - Titan G3 generates heat using negative ions. Emitting negative ions into your hair helps to restore the balance of positive and negative ions and make your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free. Because of this you don’t need it to be as hot in order to keep your hair straight. It retains heat so it can be used at a lower temperature than traditional ceramic or other metal options.
  • PRECISE HEAT CONTROL - Stylists prefer titanium flat irons over all others because it is the highest quality metal on the market. Due to its titanium plates the Titan G3 is one of the fastest heating flat irons to date, although because of extra wide plates this model heats up in 30 seconds to 300F / 45 seconds to 400F / 60 seconds to 450F. With a wide range of temperature set from 122-450F you have a total control over the amount of heat you apply to your hair.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL - The Titan G3 is one of the few lightweight Dual Voltage Titanium Flat Irons on the market, which makes it perfect for travel. It’s 8 Feet extra long 360 degree swivel cord makes it perfect for maneuvering and comes with a hook for easy storage.
  • FAQ - What size are the plates? A: 1 inch / Can I use this with a hair straightening system? A: Yes. Perfect for doing keratin treatments / Does it work on 4C hair type? A: Yes. It works on thick coarse hair as well as long thin hair types.
  • Comes with a FREE Heat Resistant Pouch for storing!