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Papi & Co. Men's Grooming Gift Set - Le Angelique

    Papi & Co. Men's Grooming Gift Set

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      This complete Men's Grooming Set comes with everything he needs to feel and look perfectly groomed. Set includes:

      • Papi & Co. Shaving Gel which is alcohol free, perfect for sensitive skin and moisturizes skin due to it's hydrating properties. Light fresh scent.
      • Papi & Co. After Shave Lotion which is refreshing and tones the skin. Infused with lettuce leaf extract and menthol. Smells masculine and delicious. Light and fresh scent.
      • Papi & Co. Grooming Holding Hairspray. Provides ultimate support, long lasting hold and beautiful natural shine. Fast drying non-flaking formula.
      • Papi & Co. Beard Oil - 2 in 1 Beard Care and Pre-shave. Infused with Chia Seed Oil & Tea Tree Oil.
      • Papi & Co. Beard and Mustache Hair Booster. Active ingredient: Minoxidil 5%. Boosts hair growth and fills in hairless patches.
      • Papi & Co. Barber Talc with fragrance. Very fine texture with baking soda.

      All products are infused with the finest ingredients, all gentle on the skin, no animal testing, beautiful light and fresh scents.