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Papi & Co. 3 Piece Gift Set. - Le Angelique

    Papi & Co. 3 Piece Gift Set.

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      This incredible set for him includes our top 3 products that he absolutely needs!

      1. Papi & Co. Pomade - Classic hold. Water Soluble. Never builds up. No residue. No Flakes. Made in Mexico, designed in California. 200 Grams. 7.5 fl oz.  

      2. Papi & Co. Shaving Gel which is alcohol free, perfect for sensitive skin and moisturizes skin due to it's hydrating properties. Light fresh scent.

    • 3. Papi & Co. After Shave Lotion which is refreshing and tones the skin. Infused with lettuce leaf extract and menthol. Smells masculine and delicious. Light and fresh scent.