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  • HAIR BOTOX acts as a super Deep Conditioner Treatment for Dry/Damaged hair to Reduce FRIZZ/SPLIT ENDS and give you a SMOOTHER TEXTURE, NATURAL SHINE, INCREASED VOLUME, WEIGHTLESS SOFTNESS (This Hair Botox Treatment Lasts Up to 5 Weeks)
  • Ceramides: target the scale of the cuticle to create immediate improvement in the strength and appearance of the hair. This ingredient is widely used to repair the damage of chemical relaxers.
  • Meadowfoam: a conditioning ingredient that promotes moisture retention and elasticity while providing significant heat protection.
  • Turnip Oilseed: a very versatile oil that strengthens, detangles, smooths, and softens the hair, infusing light moisture in order to prevent static and flyaway hairs.Vitamins E, B3, and B5: three key vitamins involved in stimulating new hair growth and natural production of the keratin protein. Botox for Hair