Brush n' Blow

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Reclaim Your Mornings: dry, straighten and smooth in one easy motion.

Combine your favorite blow dryer and hair brush in one tool and what do you get?

The Brush n' Blow one-step dryer.

Cut Drying Time in Half:  

The brush n' blow heats up instantly and works great on damp hair.

Get your drying and styling done in half the time for beautiful, manageable hair every day of the week.

Versatile Styling:  

We are constantly amazed by the creative ways our stylists find to use the brush n' blow in the salon and at home. Whether you are going for a chic updo, blowout or a 5 minute dry and straighten, this tool leaves tones of room for experimentation. 

Designed For Super Easy Use:  

We designed the brush n' blow in collaboration with stylists and industry experts to be the easiest-to-use, light-weight brush of it's kind. In addition, we have spent hundreds of hours designing and developing the brush n' blow based on user feedback. It really is as easy as turning on, applying your favorite serum or essential oil and brushing for dry, smooth zoom-ready hair. 

Reduce Frizz and Detangle: 

There is science to this, seriously.

In its natural state our hair is coated with positive and negative ions.

Brushing or towel-drying strips it of these charged particles which means more flyaways, frizz, and static.

Our Brush N' Blo is specifically designed to restore balance by charging your hair with negative ions. 

The result: shiny, smooth and frizz-free⁣⁣ hair.

Amazing, right?

🎁 Comes with complimentary Latinoil Chia revitalizing treatment ($19.00 value).

 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does it work on really wet hair?⁣
For best results lightly towel dry wet hair first.⁣
2. Does it work on 4C hair?⁣
3. What is the difference in temperature?⁣
The high setting is for straightening and styling. ⁣
Low is for blow drying, and the cool setting for an air dry finish.⁣
4. Can it replace my flat iron? ⁣
No. It does not replace the flat iron for bone straight hair styling⁣.
5. Which product should be used with it?⁣
For best results, incorporate you favorite hair serum, protectant or nourishing oil⁣.