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LatinOil Chia Seed Hair Repair Shampoo And Conditioner Bundle - Le Angelique

    LatinOil Chia Seed Hair Repair Shampoo And Conditioner Bundle

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      The Ultimate Chia Oil Hair Repair Duo⁣

      SHAMPOO: REPAIRS AND RE-HYDRATES your hair with a special blend of essential oils and amino acids, perfect for restoring fragile and damaged hair⁣

      USE SHAMPOO TWICE FOR BEST RESULTS - Because it's sulfate free, it doesnt fully lather during the first application/shampoo. Shampoo a second time and it will lather up!⁣

      CONDITIONER: IDEAL FOR DEHYDRATED, weak hair and with color treatments, intensifying color effect for natural or dyed hair, EASY RINSE OFF - Very Light compare to other silicone-filled conditioners⁣

      LONG TERM USE BENEFITS - Regular use improves the healthiness of your hair, adding shine, silkiness and maintaining your existing hair color, revitalizes hair that has been chemically straightened and damaged by excessive ironing⁣

      SULFATE FREE - Sulfate dries the hair and scalp, strips color and natural healthy oils from hair, causing frizziness (especially in curly hair) 

      FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - COLOR SAFE / Phosphate & Paraben Free / Alcohol and Salt Free / Not tested on Animals

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