Angel Hair Heat Protectant Spray

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What’s inside the little red bottle?

The last thing you want to do is damage your hair. 

Unfortunately, temperatures above 350°F strip your hair of its natural protective coating, disrupt its moisture balance and make it vulnerable to further damage from heat.

And yes, even your favorite hair tools - dryers, irons and curling wands - when used repeatedly, can make your hair brittle, dry and unguarded against harsh UV rays.

This means more breakage, split ends, frizz and worst of all, hair that looks prematurely aged.

Can a little red bottle really make a difference? 

Yes. Yes, it can.

Inside this unassuming bottle are 5 of the best heat-activated ingredients we have discovered after a decade of designing hot tools and hair care products for the unforgiving Californian climate.

We have specifically formulated our Angel Hair Protectant to give you the most protection against all forms of damaging heat, including heat from the elements and weather.

Once applied, you can enjoy your styling process and the incredible results without having to worry about hurting your hair.

You wouldn’t cross the desert without sunscreen, your hair shouldn’t either.

This unique formula is the perfect mix of hydrating and nourishing crystalline compounds that combine to protect your hair’s natural balance during styling without buildup or funky residue.

Not only will your hair be protected, but you will love the extra silky texture and brilliant shine our Angel Hair heat protectant adds with just a few quick, easy sprays.