Our 3 in 1 Bold Curling Iron Set is the hottest selling item of the year! With its 3 interchangeable barrels, 1 inch, 11/4 inch, and 11/2 inch, everyone gets that this is the hair tool to have! You can create a variety of curls, starting with tighter curls for those who like the more tailored look, or looser curls for those who prefer the more classic Hollywood look and feel. You can adjust the heat settings to achieve the temperature that works best for you, and safely and easily store it in the heat resistant pouch that it comes with. All barrels can be used the traditional way, with the clip, or the more modern way, as a wand, by simply  wrapping the hair around the barrel. In other words, this should be a staple in your bathroom cupboard. Best news, is that it's on SALE!