As the official Le Angelique ambassador,  I think it's safe to say that I am IN LOVE with this product.  There is so much to say about it, I hope I don't go overboard. The Smart Ionic UV 2200 is petit, yet SO POWERFUL. It was designed with the hair stylist in mind, but needless to say, we're all hairstylists at the end of the day. When you look at it you may be thinking, "that looks like a mini travel dryer," but I'm here to tell you not to be fooled by its size. If anything, the petit build of this dryer was very deliberate.

By shortening the nose of the dryer the air that comes out, comes out at a higher, more powerful rate. The greatest benefit is that you no longer have to lift your arm so high; never again will you have to worry about harming your shoulders.  The Smart Ionic UV 2200 Dryer is so light weight that it almost feels like I'm holding air when I use it.

Other really useful features that this dryer has is that it has a UV light built into it that is said to be good for nourishing the scalp and adding additional shine to your hair. The filter at the back of the dryer is removable so that you can clean it every few months from all of the dust that starts to collect and block the air flow.

The Smart Ionic UV 2200 comes as part of a set, so you score a 32mm (1 1/2inch) round brush and 2 pro crocodile clips, as well as a travel bag to carry your dryer in.  There is a cool shot button for setting in your styles, and a hanging hoop for easy storage purposes.  I could keep going, but for your sake I'll stop now. My overall rating of this product is 5/5. I would recommend it to anyone. Keep The Smart Ionic UV Dryer in mind when picking out that perfect gift this holiday season.

One last thing! I don't want to forget to mention that there is yet another thing that comes with the dryer. Included in your package is a mini sample bottle of LATINOIL's, Chia Oil for hair. This stuff is said to be like juice for your hair and is supposed to cut drying time by 80%. I can't wait to try it and to let you know about it in my next post.

xoxo Y.N.