If you're an expecting momma, we have a few Mother's Day gift idea's for you that you need to buy for YOURSELF that will truly make your life a whole lot easier! 
If it's your first, you probably might not know yet, that it sure does get hard to bend, sit, and especially SHAVE your legs! The whole process can get rather messy and a regular razor with whatever type of product you use, just aint gonna cut it. It's just way too difficult and you want to minimize difficulty as much as possible.
That's why we highly recommend any type of razor that comes with moisture bars already built in. These work as an alternative to using a razor with another product. It saves you the time and hassle from lathering up your legs with a shave gel, soap, cream, or conditioner. You simply wet the razor and glide! You will be SO happy you have these handy. Trust me! (P.S., these are amazing for every woman wanting to save herself time and hassle and money!)  
Here are some of these by Gillette that we recommend trying:
Another mom-to-be hack for saving time and energy while still trying to look good even though you are very uncomfortable, is our Brush N' Blo all in one blow dryer and paddle brush. Why you're wondering? Because, no pregnant woman in her right mind wants to be blow drying her hair the traditional way. Lifting your arms and using a round brush and the dryer, can cause you to get rather sweaty and outta breath. The Brush N' Blo is easy, powerful, lightweight and gets the job done in minutes flat! 
At the end of your first trimester, do yourself a huge favor and automatically order this kind of everyday/comfy maternity dress in every color, shape, and style, and say hello to your new best friend! Especially now that we are entering the hot summer months, you will thank me for this. All of your clothes will start to feel uncomfortable and your pants will be tight and you will want to live in dresses till you POP! It's just so much more enjoyable and free. Best part is that they are so affordable and you still get to look stylish! 
Happy Mother's Day to all of the soon to be moms and the already moms! We hope that this helps! xox