The Smart UV 2200 Compact Hair Dryer by Le Angelique


  Yarden Ben

Hair Connoisseur by day, professional mom by night.

Our Smart UV 2200 compact dryer is SMART for so many reasons! Let us explain to you exactly why... 

  • We designed its body to be small and compact for a reason. With a smaller body it is able to suck in the air and push it out more powerfully due to it having less space to circulate through. This feature cuts drying time in half!
  • With its shorter than average nozzle you no longer have to lift your arm as high to get to the back of your head or for very long hair. This protects your shoulders from pain and damage over long periods of usage and time.
  • The UV light technology kills any free radicals and bacteria built up on the scalp and hair. This helps to prevent hair loss and damage.
  • The Smart UV is over all more lightweight than an average dryer and less noisy, and creates incredible salon results.
  • Perfect for taking with you wherever you go. Travel compatible.

Chia Oil infused Heat Resistant Hair Spray for ultimate hair protection and damage prevention

The Smart UV Dryer is available in 2 elegant colors: Metallic Gold and Metallic Black.

 Both come as part of a set which includes:

  • Ceramic Coated Nano Technology 11/2" Round Brush
  • 2 Crocodile Clips for parting hair
  • Travel bag,
  • 1 air concentraitor nozzle.

Round Brush & 2 Crocodile Clips for creating perfect salon results.

Travel/Storage Bag for storing your dryer.

Air Concentrator for targeted airflow and silky smooth results. 

If you're in the market for a new dryer to either replace your current one or because you need a brand new one, this is the dryer for you. We have so many hair stylists from all over the US, Canada & Mexico that use this dryer on a daily in their salons and adore them! Also, makes for a great birthday gift!

Smart Ionic UV New Technology Blow Dryer

The Smart UV Dryers are on sale all throughout the Month of July!!! Use coupon code: SMARTUV30 at checkout!