Hair, Skin, & Eyelash 100% Castor Oil 8 OZ

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Our 100% Pure Castor Oil has so many benefits that it's hard to list all of them. If you know anything about Castor Oil, you know that it's amazing for the skin & hair.

When it comes to our skin, Castor Oil helps by treating inflammation, acne, stretch marks, reduces pigmentation, fights signs of aging, and is an overall, incredible moisturizer for the entire body. That is why we recommend using our 100% Pure Castor Oil while using our body and face cups.  

When talking about the benefits of Castor oil for the hair, Castor oil is an incredible treatment for the scalp, which even combats dandruff. When massaging your scalp with Castor oil, it penetrates into the scalp which also promotes hair growth. You can also add it to your mascara or just brush it onto your lashes and brows and you will see the results in no-time at all. Prevent your hair from losing more pigment, meaning going grey early. 

Use with our cupping therapy cups by rubbing on face and body and going in circular movements.