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Brush N' Blo
Brush N' Blo

    Brush N' Blo

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      Use It For Everything:

      Whether you're a professional stylist or bedroom fashionista, the Brush N' Blo satisfies even the most demanding styling needs.

      Straighten and volumize in one easy motion for perfect blowouts every day of the week.

      Oh, did we mention it works on wet and dry hair?
      It Reduces Frizz and Detangles:

      Seriously, there is science to this!

      Normally our hair is coated with positive and negative ions.

      Brushing or towel-drying strips it of these charged particles. This means more flyaways, frizz, and static. 

      You can avoid all of this by using ion emitting tools like the Brush N' Blo.

      The result: shiny, smooth and frizz-free⁣⁣ hair.

      Hurrah, right?

      Cut Drying Time in Half - flawless hair for your next zoom meeting in half the time:

      The Brush N' Blow is ready to use in under 30 seconds and has 3 easily adjustable heat settings. 

      Just turn on and you are ready to dry and style in one easy motion.


       Frequently Asked Questions:

      1. Does it work on really wet hair?⁣
      For best results lightly towel dry wet hair first.⁣
      2. Does it work on 4C hair?⁣
      3. What is the difference in temperature?⁣
      High setting is for straightening and styling hair. ⁣
      Low is for just blow drying and cool for a more air dry like finish/result.⁣
      4. Can it replace my flat iron? ⁣
      No. It does not replace the flat iron for bone straight hair styling⁣
      5. Which product should be used with it?⁣
      Apply heat protectant before use for best results⁣.

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