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Vent Brush (White) - Le Angelique

    Vent Brush (White)

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      • Get professional salon results at home.⁣
      • Stop your hair getting waterlogged - faster drying time makes for softer, smoother can’t-keep-hands-away-from-it hair.⁣⁣⁣
      • Gentle detangling - wide-set bristles allow the knottiest of tangles to be effortlessly and gently brushed through.⁣
      • Perfect for all hair types - whether your hain is fine, thick or curly. This works for everyone!. ⁣
      • Works on wet or dry hair – no more ripping or pulling through tangles!⁣
      • Ergonomically Designed - luxuriously crafted for hairstylists and beauty lovers, this brush has been designed with quality in mind. The innovative non-slip handle has been specially designed to give you maximum control⁣⁣.⁣
      • Save your hair from ending up on the bathroom floor or in the drain⁣

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