Angel Hair Heat Protectant Hair Spray

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Heat Protectant Hair Spray

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For at Home and Salon use. How to use: Spray on hair before applying any heat to hair. Use on wet or dry hair. Micro-Crystal shield, and Thermo-Active shield work to protect and preserve the hair fiber during styling with heat. Its innovative formula of precious high temperature sense keratin-affine agents, prevent hair fiber from overheat breakage, and damage. Containing polymers that create a special barrier and sericin that nourish, moisturize and protect the hair. Your hair will be healthy, silky, compact and extremely brilliant. Anti humidity power.


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Protect Your Hair Review by Courtney L.
I saw my hair stylist using this hair spray and decided to buy it for myself. It is amazing! It really protects the hair and makes it looks healthy and shiny (I thought my hair stylist was creating the magic. I guess this spray helps...) Posted on 4/2/15
AMAZING! Review by KellieC
This spray is great!!! I use it in my Salon before I do blowouts, and it really gives the best results! It makes the hair more silky after you've applied heat. It's one of the only heat protectant sprays that really does work.

I think every girl should use this and have it at home for before heat application to the hair! Great price! Posted on 2/4/13